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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On a Clear Day, You Can See the Pyramids

I woke up Sunday morning and glanced out the windows.  It was a clear-air day.  These are rare here because of the pollution in the metropolitan air.  But we had had a couple of days of wind and now a cool breeze had settled things nicely.  As an added bonus, there were scattered clouds hanging in the air.

"We should either go to the Citadel or the Pyramids and take some pictures today," I suggested.  Soon we were off.  One of the advantages of staying here for three months is that there will be a clear day.

The view from the top of the Citadel was very good.  We could see the Giza pyramids in the distance and get a good picture of Ibn Tulun Mosque.

EgyptClearDay-3 EgyptClearDay-2

The haze wasn't all gone so the Red Pyramid at Dashour and Step Pyramid were just barely visible.

The Citadel itself looked quite good with the clouds in the background.

We headed down to Ibn Tulun to take a picture of the Mohammad Ali Mosque back on top of the hill.

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