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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Engine Repairs

I realized that Egypt was very different from home on my first trip here.  We were walking through the area near the Sheraton Hotel and just over a block away, I noticed this cylinder head lying on the sidewalk.   Someone was in the middle of some serious repairs to a Lada/Fiat engine and had either gone on a tea-break or a parts run.

Of course, nothing like this surprises me anymore.  But it is always a good conversation-starting point.  Mechanically inclined folks around the world recognize each other.  Yesterday, as we were strolling from the Ibn Tulun mosque up toward the center of Islamic Cairo, I spotted these taxi drivers and a friend on a serious mechanical undertaking.
EgyptCitadel-02 EgyptCitadel-01

While the mechanic in the orange shirt was wrenching on that Mitsubishi 4G Orion engine, there was time for tea.  Would I like to join them?  Well, of course.  But, unfortunately, my traveling companions were now a hundred yards beyond me and finding a lunch spot.  So I had to decline.

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Aliza said...

Awww....next time we'll walk slower ;-)