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Friday, March 8, 2013

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Head up to the Citadel for a view of the Cairo skyline and the foreground is dominated by the two prominent mosques, Sultan Hassan and El-Rifai, opposite Citadel Square.  But look farther to the left and in the distance you will spot a very large square structure.
EgyptIbn-1 EgyptIbn-2

That is Ibn Tulun Mosque with its unique externally spiral-staired minaret.  Notable as both the oldest and largest mosque in Egypt, this is a "must-see" for Cairo visitors.  Most of the building has been restored multiple times, but apparently with great effort to preserve the original design.  The interior court is about three hundred feet on each side.

The columns form two passageways around the courtyard.
EgyptIbn-02 EgyptIbn-10

And there are plenty of architectural details to view as you walk the full perimeter.
EgyptIbn-04 EgyptIbn-05 EgyptIbn-03 EgyptIbn-09

There is a fairly extensive description of the present restoration efforts near the entrance.  It includes several older photos of the mosque.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of the architectural details, and the passage down all those columns.