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Saturday, March 23, 2013

If It's Friday, There Must Be Protests

Yesterday was Friday, so the protests were on.  The site of discontent has moved from the Presidential Palace to the Brotherhood Headquarters in the hills of Moqattam.  Here are four stories.  The last of the four has the best picture and includes this information:
Gunshots sounds was occasionally heard at the scene, although it was unclear which side the shots were coming from or the type of firearm being used. An Ahram Online reporter saw protesters on both sides carrying firearms.

Mokattam residents, for their side, formed ad hoc neighbourhood watch committees to secure their areas in case clashes reach their homes.

Some residents encouraged anti-Brotherhood protesters from nearby buildings, chanting against the Islamist group from their balconies
If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that all of the above are "normal."  As usual, things were calm in our neighborhood.  But, the demonstrations reminded me of comments from two different acquaintances.   Both have worn beards for many years.  One says that anytime he goes downtown, he is yelled at and accused of being a Brotherhood supporter.  The other says that he avoids leaving the neighborhood because of hatred of "people with beards."  I'm still laughing at that article in the StarTribune saying that almost everyone here has a beard!


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