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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kerdassa, a Village of Colors

I always think of Mariutiya Road (also sometimes known as Saqqara Road) as the road that runs south from the Giza Pyramids to Saqqara, Memphis and Dahshur.  It also runs north. Follow Mariutiya north from Pyramids or Faisal street and it quickly reaches the Ring Road on the north side of town. At that point you enter a rural agricultural area on the west side of the road and a rapidly developing apartment area on the east.  It is just two or three miles farther to the village of Kerdassa.  The Giza pyramids are visible above the farmers fields of alfalfa and cabbage.  Stop and take a look.  This view will soon be lost to the encroaching buildings.

Kerdassa was once a separate village where weavers made fabric and the traditional galabiya.  Urban Cairo is now rapidly surrounding it.  We arrived early in the morning and shops were just beginning to open.  A few owners sat out front sipping tea, reading the paper or conversing with neighbors.
EgyptKerdassa-2 EgyptKerdassa-1

Of course, as soon as a potential customer arrived, the doors were opened and lights came on.  The shops are small and the fabrics are all very colorful.  Styles run the full range.

EgyptKerdassa-5 EgyptKerdassa-6

On the edge of the shopping district, we found this carpet shop with excellent prices and purchased a couple for our hallway. 


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