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Friday, March 22, 2013

Khan El-Khalili

Last week when we visited the Citadel to take pictures, our next stop was Khan El-Khalili for lunch.  In spite of it's "touristy" nature and mixed reviews, we love to visit.  It's a good starting place for "real" Cairo shopping once you leave the Khan itself.

Sadly, the crazy winding paths through the area are quite empty now.  Shop owners are still there but many are engaged in backgammon or computer games.  Compare the view from this year with one from pre-revolution times.
Khan-1-1 Khan-1

We usually stop at an outdoor restaurant and stimulate the local economy.  Any number of peddlers will stop by and try to sell you a shoeshine or a "Rolex" or "silver" jewelry.  Here Linda inspects some jewelry while I keep my feet on the Marlboro carton supplied by the adjacent shoeshine specialist.
EgyptKhan-02 EgyptKhan-03

My favorite vendors (after the watch salesmen) are the ones selling wallets.  They are always quick to dispel any concerns that the wallet may be plastic by applying the flame test for me.  "See!  Leather.  Not burn."

The restaurants have adapted to the new economy by reducing staff to a bare minimum and appealing to more locals with lower priced items.  The last four items on the menu are priced between $1 and $2.

We moved inside to get away from the peddlers after ordering and enjoyed a good lunch followed by tea.
EgyptKhan-04 EgyptKhan-05

And, at no extra charge, you will have received several opinions of the Morsi government by the time you finish lunch.  None favorable.

By the way, we give El-Halwagy an "excellent" rating.  Look for it when you visit.

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