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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Look Up, Look Down. Look Out!

We spent a very enjoyable day yesterday touring a portion of Islamic Cairo.  The notable mosques and other historical sites in the area mostly date from Medieval times.  While that might be ancient history in most places, it is comparatively recent history in Egypt.

We met another American couple who had been following this blog for awhile, getting together in the morning at Ibn Tulun Mosque.  After touring Ibn Tulun and the adjacent Gayer-Anderson museum, we took a leisurely stroll up to the center of the district.  Aliza soon had me seeing things that I would otherwise miss.  With a fine eye for architectural detail, she was constantly spotting things by looking "up".  For example, these interlocking blocks above a doorway.

Of course, Linda was looking out for my safety as she frequently said, "look down!"

And that's always a good idea when walking in Cairo.  Just another reminder that everything is different in Egypt.

1 comment:

Aliza said...

So glad you included those beautifully scribed stones!