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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Channels on the Satellite Dish

I blogged about our satellite dish back in 2009 and 2010.  Originally, the intent was to receive both the European Hot Bird and the Egyptian Nilesat on the same dish.  This never was accomplished and we ended up choosing Nilesat after some time watching Hot Bird.

A friend took pity on me this week since we didn't seem to have access to either the Belly Dance Channel or the Egyptian cooking channel.  In retrospect, I should have recognized that these are all on Nilesat and just dealt with getting them added into our free lineup.

But, Sunday evening at about 6:00 p.m., our friend showed up with his "satellite guy" and the inevitable cloth bag full of tools. The plan was to re-aim the dish to Hot Bird(13 degrees E), add a second LNB to the dish and then manipulate that one into place to pick up Nilesat(7 degrees W).

Here are the before and after shots of the dish:
EgyptDish-1 EgyptDish-2

And a close-up of the second LNB as mounted.  Note the flexible bracket.

After re-aiming the dish and adding the LNB, the real work began.  Our dish hangs out from the balcony about eighty feet above the street in back.  To manipulate the second LNB into the correct position, the satellite guy had to straddle the railing and reach out with his left arm.  My friend and I took turns hanging onto him.  This went on for about two hours until he was satisfied with the signal levels.  If you are wondering why I didn't just do this myself previously, now you know.

After that we moved inside and did a clean start of the receiver and added all channels from both satellites.

Four hours of labor plus parts.  About $15, if you were wondering. 

This gives us about 230 free channels from the European bird in addition to the 450 or so from Nilesat.

My free English language news channels now include:
  1. CNBC
  2. France 24
  3. CNC-001 (Chinese in origin with the most perfectly articulated English of any channel)
  4. Nile TV (Egyptian)
  5. BBCW (BBC World News)
  6. CNN International
  7. Bloomberg
  8. Al Jazeera International
  9. Jewish News One
  10. EuroNews (based in France)
  11. CCTV-News (Chinese)
 I suspect that most Americans have fewer points of view to choose from, no matter what they are paying.

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