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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Protests - and Life Continues

I was planning to post a "good news" update yesterday after reading this article in the Egypt Independent reporting that only "dozens" of protestors turned out to protest Secretary of State Kerry's visit at the Foreign Ministry.

But before I got to it, I began to see the reports from Port Said about deaths, a government building being burned and other turmoil.  Then reports from the area around Tahrir Square began mentioning:
The protesters have stopped a police vehicle when it went up on the bridge that is very close to Tahrir Square. They also set fire to the car, which halted the traffic on the bridge.

Meanwhile, the Nile's Courniche downtown withstands chasing between the security forces and the protesters, as they hurl stones at each other for the second day in a row.
So my good news report is limited to this.  Life seems perfectly normal in this area of the city.  On Sunday, a friend stopped by after returning from Sharm El Sheik on the eastern side of the Red Sea.  He stopped in Suez (a previous trouble spot) and said everything looked normal.  He visited the fish market and picked up this container of shrimp which he brought for dinner.

These were outstanding.  Maybe not quite as good as what we would expect from Billy's in Bon Secour, AL., but pretty close.  And there must be some Cajun blood in the Suez cook that prepared them.

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