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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Food Post

It has been called to my attention by a reader (yes there are readers of this blog!) that I haven't posted any food pictures for a while.  I have been assembling a few pictures for a post of interesting spots along Faisal and Pyramids streets, but let's use a couple of them here.

My favorite lunch here consists of a couple of felafel sandwiches from one of the many Gad fast-food restaurants.  This particular Gad is located on Pyramids Road just before you would reach the Great Pyramids if you were taking that road from downtown.

It's pretty easy to order.  Just inside the door, there is a man with a cash register taking orders.  Ask for four felafel sandwiches.  Now here is the tricky part.  In spite of what Wikipedia might tell you, "felafel sandwich" here is the name of a category of sandwich.  Both "tameya" and "foul" are considered felafel sandwiches.  You probably want tameya which is what an American thinks of as felafel - see this Food Network recipe, for instance.  If you order four felafel sandwiches, you are going to be asked some variety of "two and two?"  So, either order four tameya to start with or be prepared to deal with the two and two question.

What you will end up with is a ticket that you will need to take to the counter way at the left end of the store shown in the picture.  You will get your sandwiches plus a container of pickles in a bag.  The price for four?  Seven pounds.  Exactly one U.S. Dollar.  They look like this and are delicious.

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