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Thursday, February 27, 2014

At the Khan, 2014

We took Linda's friend, Sharon, to see the sites in and around Khan el Khalili today.  For me, that visit always starts with a shoeshine.  The fellows doing this work do excellent work.  Sorry I didn't remember to include the "before" shot this year.

Souvenirs abound, the negotiations are fun and the salesmen are almost universally friendly.  "Americans are the best," of course.  Ask about visitors from a few other countries while you are here.  It is an interesting way to learn how various people are viewed, especially over time.

We had an excellent lunch that was heavy on meat before heading out for more shopping. 

At the end of the day we stopped for ice cream.  We didn't really need anything to drink since tea had been part of the negotiations along the way, but ordered some "lemoon fresh," anyway.  Of course, we drew both the young "trinket sellers" and a very friendly watch vendor with "genuine Rolex products from Italy."  I made my annual watch purchase here for $14 after bringing him down from $55.  This is cheaper than replacing the battery once a year.

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