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Monday, February 10, 2014

Egypt, A Fix-In-Place County

I was headed out to the neighborhood grocery store on Sunday evening when I noticed a car on the edge of the road with a wheel and brake-drum pulled off and lying beside it as two people were working on a problem.  It reminded me of another difference between home and Egypt.

There are very few tow-trucks in this country.  I suppose that I have seen some but don't recall any now.  Here, things are basically, fix-in-place.  I have been in a car that was towed here a couple of times.  One occasion was when the driveshaft fell off a friend's car.  (I've seen that happen to other cars here, too.)  No tow-truck was involved. Our friend got his rope out of the trunk and waited until a passing car offered a tow.

Yesterday, we were walking up to the bakery when I noticed this truck parked by a lumber yard.

Obviously, the driver was having a fuel tank problem and he or a nearby mechanic had removed the tank to take it for repairs.  The extent to which sidewalk mechanics take on jobs is shown in this picture from last year.

But mostly it is the small stuff.  There are four places to get air in your tire or have it repaired/replaced in the half-mile of road in front of our building.  This is the latest one to open. I suspect that it has quite low overhead since it seems to be situated on the shoulder and median next to a freeway support pillar.

A couple of friends have told me, "It's illegal, but since the revolution ..."

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