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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Trip to Maadi - Bringing Home the Bacon

We visited the southeast Cairo suburb of Maadi this afternoon.  We are often asked if there are any Americans that live near us here.  The short answer is no.  We have seen one in the neighborhood but that was several years ago.

For the most part, Americans living here on either the Government or company dime tend to gather in Maadi, also known as Expat Central.  This is a very attractive community along the east bank of the Nile and only about nine miles south of downtown.  With tree-lined avenues, calm traffic and pothole-free streets it offers quite a contrast to most of the metro area.  But the downside is that your neighbor is likely to be another American, a German or an Irishman.  You don't really get to experience the Egyptian culture.

Here are a few pictures of the Maadi area.

But - we weren't here just to enjoy the scenery.  Linda has read an ad on an ex-pat Facebook page titled "porkinegypt."  

And, when we arrived we found that just as advertised, today they were running a special on bacon.  Don't you love the warning sign on the freezer?

The price, by the way translates to a bit over $13 a pound.  There are German pork sausages, ham and Eisbein for roughly the same price per pound.  Not everything is cheaper here.

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