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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Food Post

We have a guest staying with us for the next ten days or so.  Linda's friend, Sharon, arrived from the Twin Cities arrived last night after escaping from two feet of snow on the ground and the worst driving conditions that anyone can remember.

That called for a celebratory breakfast and Linda obliged with a delicious omelet.  Here she is preparing it in the new cast iron frying pan that our son, Terry, gave us for Christmas and that we brought with us in our luggage on this trip.  Thank goodness Linda qualified for Delta's Skymiles program and a free second bag!

We had planned to go out to dinner tonight but at about 5pm, the doobell rang and our neighbors sent over a large steaming bowl of Koshary and we stayed in and enjoyed that.  But we thought we should top if off with a good dessert and discovered a new location for Fatir and Pizza, not far from the apartment.

Star Pizza is located on Marrioteya street just about a mile from our apartment.  They are a newly opened store and we were welcomed and invited for tea while the Fatir maker began spinning his dough.  Fatir is a "dessert pizza" typically containing honey, nuts and cream inside of very thin crust.  This is a family operation and one member of the family, Hussein, had lot of questions once he found out we were Americans.  Hussein teaches English in the local high school with an emphasis on grammar and pronunciation and wanted answers to a lot of questions.

"Cheese," he wanted to know, "why is it pronounced 'cheeze' and  not 'cheece?'"  We spent the next fifteen minutes pondering the imponderable pronunciations of the English language and confirming to Hussein that his pronunciations were almost always correct in spite of "rules" that would indicate otherwise.  Students in his class are lucky, indeed.

Meanwhile, the Fatir was spun, baked and packed.  At a friend's house we looked over the results before diving in.  Both the Pizza and Fatir got top ratings from us all.

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