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Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Good Deeds

About ten days ago, we encountered this propane cart on our daily walk.  (Propane, for cooking, is another of the heavily subsidized energy products in Egypt.)  We have seen this horse cart a number of times before.  Usually it is piloted by the young boy alone in the front seat with his mother and two younger children  riding in the back.

Today, the young driver took his cart past us and then got stuck in one of the newly formed ditches that appear from time to time across the road.  This one was about a foot deep and two feet wide and he was stuck good.  Linda and I caught up, put our hands to the wheel, so to speak, and helped push.  We were soon joined by one other man and had the cart out and on their way. Lesson learned - it is much easier to rock a car in Minnesota snow than rock a horse cart in the sand.

Later, before we got back to the apartment, we found an older gentleman (perhaps even as old as I) pushing his car toward the gas station at the end of the block.  He was pretty tired and resting for a bit.  "No Benzeeen!" he explained, as I offered to help.  We pushed him a couple of hundred yards down the road to the local station.  Fortunately, most Egyptian autos are easy to push - it is frequently necessary.  The driver was very appreciative.

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