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Friday, February 21, 2014

How Do I Get Weather Underground to Show the Temperature in Fahrenheit?

Now there is a popular question on the Internet!  For most people, it's not a problem.  If you are in the United States, the temperatures display in Fahrenheit and if you are in Egypt (or most anywhere else in the world) they are displayed in Celsius. - Except that I am in Egypt and want them displayed in Fahrenheit!

Weather Underground is the host site for thousands of amateur weather watchers around the world, as well as a source of professional reports and forecasts.

I connected to Weather Underground, today to watch the latest storm come across Minnesota and all the temperatures were in Celsius.  And I looked and looked for the "fix it" button or setting but couldn't find it.

I have the site


bookmarked since I use it all the time at home.  The problem is that the "fix it" button for Celsius vs. Fahrenheit is not on that page.  It is on the parent page,


Just go there and look for the tiny F or C in the upper right corner and click it to change units for the whole website.

 That puts a cookie in your browser with the preference that the other page can use.

With that done, I was able to follow the storm's progress.

 That was quite a drop in temperature from 30 to near zero as the snow passed by.

Folks here apparently don't have as strong an interest in the weather as there is only one weather station up on the Wunder Weather network in Cairo - and not many anywhere else in Egypt.

So, I am going to put a weather station on the list of things to bring next year since I am hoping to have a hard-wired Internet connection by then.

I have a station for our cabin in Wisconsin that I put onto Wunder Weather network when we are there.  We wouldn't need as elaborate of a unit here to keep you up to date on our weather.

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