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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Arrives in Cairo

The reports from home indicate that winter is still raging;

We awoke this morning to discover that it had also arrived in Cairo.  Rain was falling outside and temperatures were still in the 50's as noon approached.

We were headed back to the veterinarian again, south of town, to pick up Dusty, our building's favorite cat.  (Dusty won't be having any more kittens.)  The rain meant that the roads were relatively deserted since wipers and windshield defoggers are not kept in tip-top shape for the rainy day that comes only once every year or two.  Most drivers simply stay home when rain comes.

But the worst inconvenience caused by rain here is the mud.  All that dust gets washed off the palm trees and flowers - maybe even off part of the buildings.  But the roads turn to dirty, sandy mud.

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