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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Relaxing at Abu Sir

One of our favorite spots near Cairo is  a horse farm at Abu Sir about five miles south of our apartment.  Last year, we visited several times.  It's away from the city noise and quite close to some of the oldest pyramids in Egypt.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Czech archeologists working at the Abu Sir site had made some major new discoveries.  You can read the story at this website

Our good friend, Roshdy, could sense that I had had a tough couple of days with our Egyptian craftsmen and needed some calming atmosphere.  That was actually just half of it.  I also had been dealing with the Hennepin County Library's eBook system.  More on that in another post.

So Roshdy suggested that we go somewhere for tea to relax and that certainly sounded like a good idea.  He picked us up and we were soon driving into the entrance of the horse farm.

There were some new horses and donkeys to visit as an Australian animal veterinary and rescue group is now operating from this farm.  We hope to learn more about their efforts in the future.

The farm's owner, Mohammed, has built an additional small apartment on the property and we had  chance to view the Abu Sir pyramids from the roof while drinking tea and having a few of the very sweet local mandarin oranges known as Yusuf Effendi.

NewStove-2 Abusir-1

The mandarins were a good match to the color of the sky as the sun set behind the desert sand beyond the palm trees.

To visit some of those other posts about Abu Sir and see more of the pyramids and tombs there, just click on the Abu Sir label at the bottom of this post.  To find the spot on a map, put 29.896755,31.20352 into Google and press the enter key. (switch to satellite view to spot the pyramids.)

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