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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Universal Man Was Here Today

The service tech for our Universal stove was scheduled to arrive today so we looked forward to a day spent at home wondering if it would really happen.  About 10 a.m., Linda had a call from the company saying that he would arrive around 1.  Very surprising and a good sign.  He arrived on time with tools and proceeded to go to work.

For the slow to ignite burner, he diagnosed poor gas flow out to the igniter and so he got out his snips and hacked out a bit of the metal to enlarge the opening in the burner.  Maybe this is where the term "hacker" originates?
AA-Update-3 AA-Update-1 AA-Update-2

I also had him adjust the simmer setting on each of the burners so that the flame wouldn't die when the control knob was turned down to its minimum stop.

I can also report that the oven continues to work very well.  Linda turned out this hot-dish a couple of nights ago and the temperature held at an even 350 degrees.

Linda does have a concern with the fact that the oven rack is very difficult to slide in and out.  The tech gave us the old "it will loosen up with use" answer in Arabic.  Fortunately, we had  a translator.  By the way, it won't loosen up.  Our previous stove had a much superior oven rack design - it was the only good thing about that stove. 

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Aliza said...

Nice stove! May you use it in good health.