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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Accident on the Ring Road

After raising the stove with those blocks described in the previous post, we were discussing another carpentry project.  We plan to have the carpenter build us a microwave table to raise it above the counter.  As Roshdy and I wrote up measurements for the carpenter, Linda said, "There is something interesting going on out on the Ring Road."  She went over to the window to check it out.

Yes, traffic had stopped in both directions and a crowd was gathered out on the road.

More ominously, a crowd was also gathering below the ring along the canal.

When Roshdy left an hour later, he suggested that I come down to take a look.  A community effort was underway to pull a small bus out of the canal.  It had gone through the railing and plunged into the canal.

The red truck loaded with dirt on the left side of the photo had a cable on the bus and was pulling it up the bank, as several of the men helped clear a path for the wheels.

The next day, only some orange cones and the bus skeleton below remained to show that there had been a problem.
AccidentOnRing-6 AccidentOnRing-7

It was reported by eyewitness accounts that the bus was empty except for the driver who died in the crash.

It was later reported that while the local forces never found the driver, the police came the next day and were also unable to find him.  The army came a day later with divers who located the body underneath the steel grate that is an ineffective guard rail.

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