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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's an Inside Day

With the sand blowing about outside (see the next post below) we are spending the day inside.  Linda is reading on her Kindle and I am putting together another page for my Burroughs 205 computer history website.  But, we could be watching television.

When we visited a friend's house a couple of days ago, they had the local cooking channel on.  Linda asked which channel that was and we were told, "CBC Sofra."  This fairly new channel offers up strictly Egyptian fare for the Nilesat market.

Yes, but where is that on our satellite receiver? Our host checked and we were given the transponder code on Nilesat of 11.488H, 27.500V.  Last night we looked it up and added it to the "Hobby" group on our receiver.

The format of the shows will be familiar to anyone who watches the Food Network at home.  Here's the webpage for CBC Sofra.  The broadcast is all in Arabic and watching may be a good way to learn the language.

Last night, chef Sherbini (apparently very well known here) was preparing shrimp panne with a rice and vegetable side dish that looked very appetizing.  We began watching as he finished up the side dish.

Here's the dish with an ingredient list and the chef's kitchen.
aa-weather-04 aa-weather-05

Unfortunately, the ingredient list turned out to be for the shrimp, not the accompanying rice dish that was prepared in the first half hour.

Breaded Shrimp Ingredient List
  • Big Shrimp
  • Garlic - cumin
  • Lemon
  • Hot Peppers
  • Vinegar - oil
  • Corn Flakes 
  • Flour - eggs 
  • Mustard
  • Salt pepper

As on Food Network, the chef was all smiles as he finished the show and they cut to the commercials for cooking oil, ghee and hair cream. 

Note the color coordination of chef Sherbini's wristband, coat trim and glasses - part of his signature "shtick."

I added the chef's name and a couple of links to this morning's post.  You don't have to ask many people to discover that this is chef Sherbini.  He is definitely a star in the local market.

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