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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sammy's Second Shop

To finish off my closet shelf project, I needed a bit more carpentry work.  Our closet is decidedly not square and plumb, so I needed to cut a bit off of the sides of the large shelf. (It's about 26" x 32")  When I raised it a few inches, the shelf moved into a narrower area.  Of course, it is not a straight cut, as the right wall is gently curved.

Last night we took the shelf over to Sammy (see original visit to his shop here) and discovered that he has a second, larger shop in a low-rent district not too far from our place.  We met him there because he has a large band-saw and a molding-cutter/shaper at this shop.  And an assistant!

The assistant made our cuts after carefully measuring and scribing a line to indicate the half centimeter to be removed.  He also cut me some 2x2 cm. height adjustment pieces.
Sammy2-4 Sammy2-1

The tools have the green color that is associated with General Tools products that you find in the back pages of Fine Woodworking.  But the brand name is likely on the blade and belt guards, wherever those might be.

And now, Linda has her closet back, with a hanging rod and can organize it.  She is very happy to finally have this fixed and was smiling as I took this last picture.


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