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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bitter Cold with a Dusting of Dust

The forecast low temperature in the 40s described a couple of posts below did not emerge overnight.   We hit a minimum of 53 degrees (F) on our balcony and the wind was blowing the sand around again.  People just decide on their own whether they'll send their kids to school on days like today.  We heard of one class of twenty-five second graders attended by a friend's son that only had ten students show up.

We braved the cold, the wind and the dust to walk up to the vegetable market, however.  We noted the accumulation of the dust on the steps of our building and on nearby parked cars. We also saw that the parking area of a nearby private school was filled with cars and parents were picking up their students.
AA-Dust-1 AA-Dust-2

We made it all the way to the vegetable market and the bakery with no problem.  Several passersby and the workers at the markets commented on how bad the weather was, however.  The bakery goods are all covered with plastic to keep the dust out.  The vegetables - well, we always wash them anyway.

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