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Friday, February 6, 2015

Food on the Go

Since posting this picture of tomatoes coming to market, I have been looking for a truck delivering another fragile commodity.  I found it a couple of days ago when we were walking up to the vegetable market.
Koshary-1 EgyptFood2015-5

Yes, those are eggs.  I don't believe I have ever seen this method of transport used back home, but it seems to work here, in spite of the potholes and speed-bumps.

In the larger stores, eggs come packaged in a clear plastic container - good idea!  You don't have to open the carton to see how many are broken.  They are frequently sold by the ten - after all, we're metric here.  But "half a ten" don't package well, so they also are sold by the six.

In smaller stores, you pick your own eggs from carriers like those on the truck and place them in a small clear plastic bag.  Carry them carefully!  We always pick up the eggs last, just before checking out, in that case.

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