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Monday, February 9, 2015

Raising the Microwave

 Counter space is at a premium at Cairo Condo. We use our microwave a lot but it takes up precious counter space.

I've dreamed of elevating the microwave and finally that dream has come true. I thought of attaching a shelf to the wall but Tom reminded me that we don't know where the electricity runs through the wall. Wouldn't want to accidentally drill into the 220 volt wiring. Then I thought of attaching a shelf to the underside of the cabinets. Again Tom brought me to the realities of Egypt when he said the cabinets might not be sturdy enough to handle that. Aha! How about a microwave stand? We thought about taking measurements back to Bloomington and bringing the pieces to Egypt next winter for assembly.

As you've noticed in previous posts, we've not been too keen on the local workmanship but our latest dealings with a carpenter (Sammy) proved more than satisfactory. We decided to give Sammy the job and save ourselves having to pack boards in our bags next year.

Now for the design. I sat down and drew what I wanted and it surprisingly turned out to look just like a little table. We took the measurements and a friend relayed them via phone to Sammy. What color did we want, he inquired. Not being particularly fussy about the color, I said, "medium brown". He said it would be ready in three days.

Three days later our finished microwave table was delivered. It's sturdy, is the perfect size, the color matches the cabinets and the workmanship is excellent. We can see that much of it was done with hand tools not power tools. It's exactly what I wanted. Cost-$33.00. Couldn't be happier!

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