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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cats of 2015

Our long time faithful cat companion, Dusty, is no longer with us at Cairo Condo. The neighbors tell us that she had a serious accident and when they tried to capture her to take her to a vet, she ran and they couldn't find her. Without Mom to guide him, Nipper, her offspring who we nursed to health in 2014, left the building to make his own way in life. He was nine months old so I guess he was old enough to see the world on his own.
IMG_9693 copy IMG_2190 copy

We kept waiting to see which cat or cats would take their places. Occasionally we'd see a cat in the hallway but as soon as it saw us it would dart away. Then it occurred to us that if we put cat food out maybe we could draw the cats to us. It worked. The food was disappearing but we never saw who was eating the food.

Finally we saw all the different cats who were visiting the dishes of food and water. They are gradually becoming accustomed to us and only run a little way from us. Of course, they all have names. There's Carmey, named after Carmelita of 2014, because she has the same coloring. Then there's poor ugly Squeaky. His meow is a pitiful squeak noise. Chatty is a very loquacious younger cat. Our least favorite cat is Howie, the howler. He rules the roost. He has loud conversations with all other cats when he wants to eat and they all make way for him at the dish. You can probably guess that he eats alone-and that's the way he likes it.

Dusty was a very special cat and there will never be another like her. She was charismatic, drawing both other cats and humans to her friendly ways. We and other neighbors miss her very much but we still enjoy feeding and getting to know the cats of 2015. And here they are, the cats of Cairo Condo, 2015.
cat 2015-2
cat 2015-1

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