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Monday, March 30, 2015

Leaving Cairo - 2015

For all the frustrations we encounter while we spend  a winter here, there is plenty of reward.  The greetings of close friends will always be remembered, but so will the greetings of the bakers, shopkeepers, and a  multitude of other casual acquaintances.

The memories in our minds seem never to be of dusty streets, honking horns and the like.  Instead we remember lunch along the Nile.

Or patterns of light on the pyramids.

Or that outing in the desert near Fayoum.

There are plenty of quiet spots even in the city
TalatFinal-5 TalatFinal-2-1 TalatFinal-4

It doesn't take long to reach the countryside and there is always time to stop for tea along the way or a donkey to hug.
TalatFinal-1-6 TalatFinal-1-8

And time never permits me to share nearly as many stories as I would like.  So to find out what this picture is all about, you'll just have to wait until we get home and can explain it in person.

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Linda said...

Your photos are beautiful!