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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Guests in Town This Week - On or Near the Nile

We spent a day on and near the Nile today.  Beginning at a spot on the west bank of the river, opposite the Marriott, we walked past a few fishermen and then climbed the bridge to cross to the east bank.

OnTheNile-01 OnTheNile-07

The west bank hosts a beautiful new walkway that so far stretches south to the area opposite Tahrir Square.

We boarded a Felucca sailboat and cruised the river for another hour or so under the skillful hand of captain Mohamed.
OnTheNile-09 OnTheNile-10

We then drove to the Manial district on Roda Island where the famous Nileometer descends the many steps to the river.  Photographs of the ceiling are a must.
OnTheNile-12 OnTheNile-11

For lunch we  stopped back downtown at Felfela's where we watched the felafel patties being deep fried.  The menu still features the autograph of president Jimmy Carter.

After that it was back to souvenir shopping and a long walk through the "local market" near Khan el-Khalili with every imaginable item for sale.  Some items even have marked prices.

At the Khan, I speculate whether it is possible for someone to become lost within a shop, not just in the maze that joins the shops.

I didn't buy one of these "mosque lamps" yet because I'm not sure if it would look best at home on the porch, or here in the Cairo condo.


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