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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Linda Gets a Haircut

After viewing a few recent pictures, Linda decided it was time for her to have a haircut.  Two years ago she got a cut in a neighborhood shop for about $8 but she needed an interpreter to go along and the stylist kept aiming the very hot blow dryer at her bare scalp. Ouch! Last year, she had a hair stylist come to the apartment and do the work here for about $30.  That lady, unfortunately, returned to the U.K after six years in Egypt.

Where to go and what will it cost this year?

Linda called a few friends for recommendations of a salon not too far away.  A good friend suggested the salon at the Mercure Hotel.

The Mercure is not far from the pyramids.

The Mercure is a mid-level hotel with rooms starting from around $60 a night.  The entrance and lobby are sparkling and we easily found the hair salon where Linda had called ahead.
Haircut-1-1 Haircut-2

Two brothers, Yahya and a name I didn't catch, operate the salon.  They have been in the business for around fourteen years.

Yahya gave Linda the cut while I toured the lobby and grounds, visiting a bit with Yahya's brother and one of the hotel's concierge staff, Daniel.
Haircut-3 Haircut-4

A couple of workers were decorating the lobby for a wedding reception (Friday evenings are the most popular time for these.)

The souvenir shops have an above-average collection of glassware and the view from the courtyard is spectacular.
Haircut-1 Haircut-1-2

The final bill for the haircut was 200 EGP plus a 25 EGP tip, which is about $13.50. Toss in a dollar for a taxi ride each way and it's still a bargain.

And the cut turned out to be very nice as these before and after pictures show.

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I really like this post. An ordinary expedition becomes a chance to look at everything.