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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Guests in Town This Week - A Day Trip to Alexandria

Day four.  Alexandria, Egypt, lies two hours north of Cairo.  With traffic, figure three and a half hours until you see the sea!  We were in the van about 7:30.  Egyptian breakfast of tameya and foul sandwiches.  A rest stop at the halfway point gave us a chance for some extra coffee.
Alex-1 Alex-2

First stop in Alexandria was at the Catacombs.  No cameras allowed inside so all you get is this picture of our intrepid band departing.

On to Pompey's Pillar.
Alex-5 Alex-4

A stop at the Roman amphitheater.

Lunch at a seafood restaurant where we choose our own fish to go on the grill.

A quick walk by the harbor - fisherman, boats and nets.

A drive along the corniche after lunch takes us to the palace and grounds of King Farouk - turned into a park for the people since the revolution in 1952.

Back in the van for the return trip to Cairo.  Worth the long ride?  You be the judge.

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