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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Guests in Town This Week - Christian Cairo

Day three of sightseeing.

We began at "Christian Cairo" where multiple Churches above a small cavern memorialize the biblical Flight into Egypt.
ChristianCairo-1-2 CHristianCairo-02



Then it was on to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the largest of Cairo's Islamic holy sites.

CHristianCairo-06 CHristianCairo-05

Next we approached the Street of the Tent-makers for some fabric shopping.
ChristianCairo-2 CHristianCairo-07


Along the route, we passed the hat factory and the pickle factoy.
ChristianCairo-3 CHristianCairo-10

After bargaining our way through the bazaar at Khan El-Khalilli  we ended up at  Mahony's restaurant in the Khan.


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