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Friday, March 22, 2019

Pyramids Pictures

I just realized that we have almost completed our three months in Egypt without a "pyramids post" on the blog.  It occurred to me that I might not have many current pictures to use for one, but I discovered 85 and have sorted out a few of the better ones for you.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, we headed to Abu Sir so that Linda could visit horse rescuer, Jill; distribute some cookies to the workers and see the donkeys and horses at Egypt Equine Aid.  (Donate a few dollars here - they really need it and do good work with it.)

Roshdy drove us to the horse farm.  Then he and I went over to the nearby Sakkara View Guest House.
Hotel-1 PyramidHotel-1

This is a quiet boutique hotel with a marvelous view of the Step Pyramid at Sakkara about a mile to the south.  There is an equally impressive view of the Abu Sir pyramids to the west and, on a clear day - which this was - the Great Pyramid about ten miles back to the north in Giza.



While Roshdy and I were enjoying some koshary from a local take-out operator along with Mohammed, the hotel proprietor, Linda and Jill were looking through a nearby cabbage patch.  Linda harvested one which kept us in cabbage for the next couple of weeks.
CabbagePatch-1 CabbagePatch-2

Another notable pyramid sighting happened when we were visiting a friend who is building a home not far removed from the pyramids of Giza.

I also got a picture when we were stuck in traffic coming back from Tunis/Fayoum - this shot betrays the very urban setting of the Giza pyramids.  And, any time traffic comes to a halt here, someone is sure to be out selling something to eat.  I'm going to miss that back home.

Speaking of urban settings, we were out on a long walk a few days back and caught this view of the Great Pyramid down a narrow street as we looked into the afternoon sun.

If you would like to see more pyramids, click on any of these pictures and explore this year's pyramids album on my Flickr site.  Or click on the pyramids label at the bottom of this post and you will be taken to all previous pyramids posts.  Or just click right here to get to one of the better posts from six years ago..


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