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Monday, March 12, 2012

Apalachicola, Florida

We left Pensacola bright and early on Sunday morning.  Well, bright and early by Tom's standard - just before 10 a.m.  Our first stop was for breakfast at a Waffle House.  This chain of 24-hour restaurants is one of my favorites.  We had a double treat.  We got the two side counter seats with a view of the whole restaurant and we had a great waitress.  She was wearing this button.

It's a shame that some people need to be reminded.  During this past four years of lengthy unemployment and recession, I've increased my tip percentage.  I hope everyone else fortunate enough to still be eating out has too!

We are taking advantage of other people's suggestions for our route home and our first destination was Apalachicola.  This town lies on what is known as Florida's "Forgotten Coast." This area lacks the white sand beaches and shallow emerald waters of the western panhandle.  The local towns are home to a great many fishermen and many of the gulf shrimp and oysters originate here.  With a three-story limit on buildings in the area, no large-scale development is likely to occur, encouraging Eco-tourism.  Apalachicola and nearby St. George Island recently gained a little bit of publicity with a page in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.    

We decided to stop here for lunch after the grueling drive from Pensacola through Destin, Panama City Beach and other high-traffic Spring Break destinations.  Our on-line guides led us to the Apalachicola Seafood Grill.  The restaurant was described as lying beneath the only traffic light in downtown Apalachicola.  We located it with no problem.


The menu notes that the restaurant lies 65 miles from the nearest WalMart and 23 miles from the nearest  Macdonald's.  But only 200 feet from the Apalachicola River.

Not outstanding food.  But the town sure is cute.  There are lots of "Key West" type of homes and the Gibson Inn looks like a fun place to stay.
Apalachicola-4 Apalachicola-5

We walked around the docks and noticed that the seagulls and pelicans were keeping an eye on us.  It really is worth a side trip to visit the town.
Apalachicola-7 Apalachicola-6

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