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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back go the Bike and the DVR

Friday was a sad day.  Linda's favorite purchase here in Pensacola was a twenty-four speed bicycle.  It was a used bike, but it had been to college.  Not just any college, this one went to Columbia.  We bought it from Coles Bicycle and Lawn Mower Repair on T street, just across from the Flea Market.  This looks like the place to shop for bicycles and mag rims for your car.  And to get your mower fixed, of course.  We can't say enough about them for quality used bikes.  We sold Linda's back to Coles, so be advised it is once again available.

Our next project was to return the DVR to Mediacom.  Another good company.  They had supplied us with an upgrade to a DVR while we were here.  Our condo rental company and others in the business are unaware of these marvelous devices.  Most condominiums do have HD receivers - but no DVR!  We can't live without time-shifting and commercial zapping.

Mediacom's receivers are interchangeable, with the same plug and same remote handling both types of receiver.

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