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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Glass, Half-Empty

I always view the world as a glass half-full.  There are lots of good things to see everywhere I look.  Of course there are people who never see the glass half-full.

I thought about that yesterday morning when we arrived at a rest stop along I-95.  Just plug "I-95 crime" into Google and watch what comes up -  it looks like the 10 p.m. news, for crying out loud!

I thought for a second about how strangers to our country might look at this rest stop:  First they might notice the telephone - or rather, the place the telephone was.

Then strolling over to the  vending machines, they might look at the iron bars for a while before noting the helpful sign.
GlassHalfEmpty-2 GlassHalfEmpty-3

In Florida, the rest stops offer a security escort from your car to the restroom after dark, by the way.

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