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Monday, March 19, 2012

Home through Wisconsin

The trip from the Chicago area to the Twin Cities takes us that final 200 miles north that usually means snow on the ground, ice on the lakes and a return to cold temperatures.  But not this year!  We had temperatures around 80 degrees during most of Saturday, even coming up our driveway.

Last year, snow.  This year, on the same date, no.
Wisconsin3-1 Wisconsin5-1 Wisconsin5-2

Wisconsin means dairy farms.  The eastern part of the state is dotted with them.

There are plenty also in the western part of the state but there are also signs that remind us of the pineries that once stood here.  The loggers from Maine moved westward cutting the timber in Michigan, Wisconsin and then Minnesota before the industry moved out to Oregon and Washington.

The descendents of some of the lumberjacks that gave up the trek west still have an entrepreneurial spirit and have small businesses along the Interstate.  Here at Tomah, a Cranberry center, there aren't just gas stations and restaurants.  You'll also find a shop or two selling cheese and others in the very seasonal Fireworks business.
Wisconsin-16 Wisconsin4-1 Wisconsin-20

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