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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Break - Pensacola, Florida

There is change taking place on Santa Rosa island.  The snowbirds from the north are no longer the only ones walking the beach. The signs advertising "early bird specials" are gradually coming down.
SpringBreak-01 SpringBreak-02

Golf is not the only game in town.  Youth is taking over.

Beach umbrellas are out.

Buff bodies are playing volleyball and football.

Refreshments are being shipped in.
SpringBreak-09 SpringBreak-10

Lifeguards are on duty.

EMT Professionals are standing by.

Strange aircraft are floating by the windows and buzzing the pier.
SpringBreak2-2 SpringBreak2-1

Today I saw the first airplane towing an advertising banner down the beach.

It is spring break time.

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Jamie said...

The photo above is great, white sandy beaches are one of tourists attractions in the state.

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