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Saturday, March 3, 2012

T and W Flea Market - Pensacola, FL

The T and W Flea Market bills itself as the Gulf Coast's Largest Flea Market.  I won't argue with that.  The name derives from the fact that it extends across three city blocks from T street to W street.  Follow this link and Google should give you the location and this view:

We had spotted it from the ground when Linda was bicycle shopping across the street at the excellent Cole Bicycle and Lawnmower Repair shop.  During the winter, the flea market is only open on weekends so we came back for a longer look then.

On Saturday, cars fill the lot early.

Most of the booths cost only $15 (a corner will set you back $18)  - Seems like a great place to clean out the junk.  Of course, the key to success is going to be your marketing ability.  Consider these two displays of Hot Wheels: 
TWFleaMarket-9 TWFleaMarket-4

On the other hand, even a sloppy display of tools can draw in the buyers if it is tended by an enthusiastic mechanic with a talent for salsa dance.

It takes several hours to browse the aisles of this market.  Fortunately there is food available.  And it comes in wide variety, just like the merchandise.
TWFleaMarket-6 TWFleaMarket-8 TWFleaMarket-7

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