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Monday, March 19, 2018

El-Alamein, the War Museum - Part III, the Women

The museum presents brief glimpses of two women who contributed to the Allied war effort.  There is not much more than a couple of pictures and a medal for even the more prominent one.  To get the full story you will need to head to Britain or the Internet.

In 1939 the five-foot Violette Bushell was selling perfume at the Bon Marche before she met French soldier, Etienne Szabbo.  Etienne would die in one of the battles at el Alamein.  Violette was recruited by the Special Operations, was parachuted into France, captured, tortured and executed by the Germans in 1944.  Read more about her at the Violette Szabo Museum website.

The second woman with a picture presented at the museum is Vera Lynn.  Her contributions were more indirect.  Known as the "Forces' Sweetheart" she had recorded The White Cliffs of Dover and the very popular "We'll Meet Again."  She toured entertaining the forces in Egypt during 1944, although I couldn't find a specific location.  She released an album last year (2017) at age 100.

There are many more pictures from the War Museum stored on my Flickr collection in the 2018 el-Alamein War Museum album.

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