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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Night in Marsa Matruh

We looked through some restaurant reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor and the like before deciding to try the highly reputed Kamona.  We were in Bedouin territory out here and so a Bedouin style restaurant seemed like a good bet.

Kamona is rather unique in that it has a multitude of small dining rooms and at this time of year you will undoubtedly find yourself in a private space for your meal.  One reviewer on Trip Advisor notes: "Quaint private rooms with television and floor seating."  I'm not sure why, but it is difficult to find a restaurant in Egypt that does not come with a television.  The television is usually loud and most likely not on your favorite channel - the exception being during important football matches.  The biggest advantage to Kamona's private spaces is that you can turn the television off!
Mars1-19 Dinner2-2

Linda has already shared many good food pictures on her blog posts so I will just point out a few highlights.  First, note that the menu is not in English.

This is not really a problem since you can always order either "shish tawouk" (chicken on skewers) or "mixed grill."  And your waiter will certainly be willing to make suggestions.  That was how I ended up with this delicious soup containing shrimp and "whatever."

My "mixed grill" came with a greater variety of "meat" than I am accustomed to.  There were a couple of items I probably don't want to know the exact source of. It is worth a visit for the experience.

After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood where we encountered several food shops.  The olive shop had quite a variety.
Mars1-21 Mars1-22

Linda had been looking for "doum" since reading about it on Aliza's blog and we had a chance to try them at a shop here. Doum palm fruit is made into a drink in Egypt and is reputed to have many health benefits.

Mars1-23 Mars1-24>

The bread store was doing a good business
Mars1-25 Mars1-26

And this bakery had a unique rotating disc oven instead of the more common band oven that we have seen in many places.  The operator was just "flouring" it and was eager to show me how that is done.

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Aliza said...

Did you like the doum? Also, have you tried nebak? We think they taste like apples -- tiny ones!