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Friday, March 30, 2018




One of our special friends in Cairo was Gamal (the name means "horse" in Arabic.)  We received word today that Gamal had passed away suddenly yesterday at age 50 as the result of a heart attack.

It was a fortunate day back in 2013 when Gamal approached us on our daily walk and offered to buy us tea at a local coffee-shop a few blocks from our home.  Gamal was one of the many victims of "The Revolution" in 2011 which virtually eliminated the tourist trade.  He had worked with tourists  at a horse stable for a number of years.  Fluent in English, he was as amiable a personality as one will meet in this country.  He did his best to teach me the art of  dominoes.

A week or so later we encountered Gamal again and took him up on his offer to visit his home for tea.  His charming wife, Samiya, provided the tea.  For the next five years we were regular visitors.  I have many pictures of Gamal - almost all including one or more of his children and their cousins whom he doted over.
Gamal-7-1 Gamal-2-1

We always made it a point to bring some gifts that might make life a bit easier for Gamal and his family.  He was a fisherman which helped out a bit with the food budget.  We brought some new fishing gear and his brother told us today that one of the last things he had done this week was to go fishing.

Gamal and Samiya kept a small flock of chickens and ducks close to the house to also help provide food.

Gamal leaves behind four children, ages 2 to 15 years old. We miss you Gamal. Thank you for enriching our lives.


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Aliza said...

So sad to lose a good friend. I love this sweet tribute to him.