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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Food, Home Style - by Linda

The best place to try Egyptian food is in private homes.  Having friends in Egypt has allowed us to try things that most restaurants don't serve.  We've eaten mumbar (stuffed intestines), camel meat, stuffed grape leaves and other stuffed vegetables, molokhia (a glutenous soup made from greens), okra casserole (Tom was not a fan of okra until eating it here ) and other assorted dishes.

We are very fortunate to have such thoughtful neighbors just across the hall from us.  They often send over some home cooked item.  One of our favorite dishes is the carb-loaded koshary. (see previous posting)

Food-39 Food-38
Tom enjoying a felafel breakfast from our neighborhood vendor. The ice cream "truck" is common in the street when the school day has just finished.

It is nearly impossible to visit a home without some food being served.  We stopped at this house in Fayoum with our friend and were served a tray of food. The large crispy bread is typical of the Fayoum area and pairs wonderfully with the beans and mish, or old cheese, as they call it.  The accompanying salad was pleasingly fresh.

Another tray of refreshments during a short visit.  This time boiled eggs, local cheese, mish and crispy bread. 

A complete home cooked meal-camel, herring, pickled eggplant (a favorite of mine), salad, rice and...

the delicious okra casserole.

Food-31 Food-35
The family sat on the floor as is their custom in this house while we chose to sit on chairs. And the prefect ending to a perfect meal, home made creme caramel. Wow!

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