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Monday, March 26, 2018

It's Cookie Time- by Linda

Cookies-01 Cookies-02
I have been baking since our second week here but with our shortened stay this year I have had to bake a little more often than usual. I have a reputation to uphold.  My reputation as the "Cookie Lady", that is.



Chocolate chip cookies are the most requested. I used to find chocolate chips here but have not for the last couple years so a few packages are included in my stash of things that I pack in my bags.


Cookies-07 Cookies-08
During our hot spell (it was 94-100 degrees for about three days) I did no baking but now
as our time here winds down, I find that I have a kilo of butter and several eggs remaining. It's time to step up the cookie baking.

Cookies-09 Cookies-10

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, molasses, chocolate mint, vanilla and orange. These are the flavors of cookies  I've made this year along with banana bread and banana muffins. 


They are all welcome gifts when we go visiting and we always have something to serve with tea when we have guests.

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Aliza said...

What about date-walnut cookies? 😉