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Friday, February 1, 2019

A Visit to Tunis - Part 1, the Village

Tunis is not only the capital of Tunisia, it is also a city in Egypt.  It's a small village along the southern shore of Lake Qaroun about 75 miles southwest of Cairo.  Linda had become aware of it as an artistic community recently and we decided to go check out the area this week.

A Swiss potter,  Evelyne Porret, and her husband moved to Tunis in the '90s and built a pottery studio and school.  Local people picked up the pottery trade and other artists have followed. There is an art festival held here each winter and a local art school with a few artists in residence.

A few years back, only a small sign saying "Tunis" in Arabic marked the road from the lake to the community.  We had noticed it a few times in the past when traveling to the White Desert or the Valley of the Wales.  Now several signs and a prominent gateway announces your arrival.


We drove slowly through the area, admiring the decorations on the walls, the uniform blue accent color in many spots and, of course, the signs announcing several pottery studios.


TunisVillage-28 TunisVillage-43

The famous Fayoum handcrafted baskets can be found in several locations.

The location of Tunis on the hill above the lake provides a scenic view of the lake.

We stopped for tea at the Palm Shadow Corner, a very attractive hotel with well-manicured grounds.  A large group of Taiwanese  visitors was enjoying their visit at the same time.


PalmShadow-1 PalmShadow-3

TunisVillage-23 TunisVillage-22

It's easy to move about the town.  There are even bicycles for rent.

Some of the local farmers have their own transportation.
TunisVillage-27 TunisVillage-42

Or, you could just walk as this tourist is doing.

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