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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Annual Gasoline Price Post

The price for 92 octane gasolline (88 octane U.S) - also known as regular unleaded, rose from 5 EGP per liter to 6.75 EGP per liter over the past year.  Figuring in the current exchange rate of 17.5 EGP to the dollar gives us a price of:

$1.46 per gallon.

Prices are approaching "market level" - in fact they are now at market for Premium.

Here's the picture of a gas pump

and this is the typical staff - this pair is from the Taqa station just down the street - but the price is the same at all stations including the military-owned ones.

Typically there are two or three attendants taking care of each lane of cars, with one filling and the others washing or wiping the windshield.

Notice the wad of cash in the attendant's hand for payment and change.  Would this system work in your town?  I have never seen a credit card used at the pump here.

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