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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Transportation in Northern Romania

We are situated in the very north of Romania at the moment.  It is just about thirty miles north to the border with Ukraine.  Moldova lies about seventy miles to the east.  As we have moved away from Bucharest, there have been more horses and horse-drawn carts showing up on the highways.  Most of the cars are fairly recent models.  There are a few of the Communist-era Dacias on the road but they are fairly rare.  But, here is a picture that I took today that shows several modes of transportation at once.

Notice the horse cart at the right edge.

Here are a few more carts and horses.
RomaniaTransportation-1 RomaniaTransportation-5 RomaniaTransportation-2

Notice that they are licensed.  You might see some signs on the road that other horses have passed by.  Unlike at the state fair parades, no one is following along behind with a shovel!

I saw a clever example of workmanship today that partially solves the problem of transportation without all the complexity of a standard truck, much less a hybrid or all-electric vehicle.  You start with a small trailer and a garden tractor and then...

Now there are some bugs to be worked out.  The temperature was in the low thirties today.  Most of us feel we have a problem if the heater doesn't work in our vehicle.  Imagine if you don't even have a passenger compartment.

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