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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Good Day for Watching the Pyramids

It's about eleven miles south from our place to Sakkara.  The Sakkara area is the site of of the largest number of pyramids in Egypt.  The best known of these is Zoser's Step Pyramid.  On a clear day you can see the larger Sakkara pyramids from our back balcony.

This is my favorite place to read and I frequently sit here for breakfast or lunch and watch the nearby city and country activity with the pyramids in the background.
EgyptPyramids-2 EgyptPyrmaids-1

Linda was baking cookies again today so she brought a few out for me to sample.

This evening we visited some long time friends who live near the better-known Great Pyramids of Giza.  These friends live a half-mile or so from the pyramids and have a balcony that provides a view of the evening Sound and Light show beyond one of the more colorful local mosques.
EgyptPyramids-5 EgyptPyramids-6

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