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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Night on Faisal Street

In spite of anything you may have read, Cairo is still a nighttime shopper's paradise.  Yes, the area around Tahrir square is blocked off as the government and protesters negotiate for possession.  The locals stay far away.

But walk any neighborhood after dark and the tea and shisha cafes are buzzing.  The fruit vendors are hawking bananas and oranges.  And parents have their young boys in the barbershops at 10:30.  A couple of nights ago we spent a couple of hours on Faisal Street while looking for that Om Ali.

Faisal is one of the two heavily traveled streets that traverse the eight or so miles beween downtown Cairo and the pyramids area.  It is the one marked in yellow on this map.

Faisal street has to be experienced.  Words just aren't adequate.  It's key features are lights, traffic and people.  Traffic is unbelievable during the day and then gets a lot worse after dark.  The area near the El Tawheed & El Nour department store is a good place to exit your taxi and proceed on foot.

Amora Lingere is located right next door.

If that doesn't make your head spin while walking among the scarved and veiled ladies of Cairo, I don't know what will.  I guess there must be a time and a place for everything.

Displays on the sidewalks offer everything from shoes to furniture.
EgyptFaisal-5 EgyptFaisal-8

Side streets offer a shopping experience similar to a state fair, complete with cotton candy.


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