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Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Meals Out

I was accused by a friend of doing something rather "touristy" the other day when we went to Chili's for lunch.  So I will dutifully report that when we took that defective blender back to Carrefour, we did what Egyptians do for lunch - we went to McDonald's.

Of course, I ordered the McArabia sandwich, my favorite item on the menu.

We made up for this additional indiscretion by having some good Egyptian food on subsequent days.  While waiting for time to pass during our visa update process, we had a lunch of foul (pronounced "fool") and salad. 

We also enjoyed a dinner with friends that included delicious bamia.  Bamia is Arabic for okra which I ordinarily hate.  But when it is prepared the Egyptian way with tomato sauce and meat, I love it.

Tonight we were served arnabeet.  That's roasted or deep-fried cauliflower.  I can't find a recipe that I think does this one justice.  I think it might be another "secret of the desert."

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