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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Traffic Jam on the Ring Road

I glanced out the front window this morning and noticed very heavy traffic on the Ring Road.  It was moving at walking speed or less.

Did you see them in that picture?  The street vendors?

Anytime traffic slows to a crawl here, you will find people magically appearing to sell small packages of tissues or full-size boxes of tissues.  But I was most interested in this fellow.

He's going from car to car selling Spiderman balloons.

Unfortunately, while I was photographing the street action, I neglected to turn around and lean out to see what was causing the jam.  Otherwise I would be showing you a picture of a large truck and trailer with the cab dangling over the side of the elevated freeway.  I didn't see it until an hour or so later when we were leaving for lunch and a crane was lifting it back up onto the road.

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